[Attention: Timeshare Sales Reps] Are You Struggling to Sell Deals?

learn the "5 Shifts" I discovered that Took me from from the verge of termination to being a 
Peak-Performer & Rockstar closer?! 



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What You Will Learn When You Register for this 
Timeshare Sales Training Masterclass...

How to Consistently Sell More Deals Per Month Than You’ve Ever Sold Before… Without Pitching Heat, Being Pushy or Salesy.

Consistency is everything! Anyone can have a good month but consistently selling top bonus or high-volume months without pitching heat (blatantly lying) or having to "turn the hat" and be pushy, can be tricky. I promise you, it can be done and you can learn to sell this way too!

How to Increase Credibility With Your Tours So You Will Be Perceived As a Seasoned Professional and EXPERT They Trust to Buy From.

Imagine what becomes possible when your tours lean in and listen to what you have to share with them about your program because they trust you and see you as their trusted advisor? That's right, deals go down easily and effortlessly.

The Single Method I Use to Sell HUGE Deals Every Single Month With Little to No Additional Effort…

We all know that pitching big deals is different than landing big deals and if you're not selling them, you MUST learn how. Telling your tours or guests to simply buy will not work, you must let it be their own idea to buy the biggest option you present. And, there is one key thing you must do to land big deals with ease.  

A Step-By-Step Proven System to Become a Peak-Performer, a
Top 1%’er

There are only 5 simple shifts you need to make to break through your sales slump and start selling deals consistently. They are simple, easy to understand and once you learn them, you will have the ability to write your own paychecks with ease. 

This Masterclass Is For You If...

✔️  You're in a sales slump and haven't sold any deals in awhile.

✔️  You feel like you're doing all the things, all the steps to the sale but you're still not putting them in the picture.

✔️  You're on the verge of termination and if something doesn't change, you're out the door.

✔️  You're determined to be successful in this industry but you don't know how.

✔️  You feel like you're doing a good job and then you hear, "Thanks but not today"...

✔️  Time is ticking and you need to sell deals fast.

✔️  You've put in so much time and energy into perfecting your sales pitch and you're still not selling deals. 

✔️  You're sick and tired of barely making ends meet and you're ready to start making real Timeshare money.

✔️  You are ready to up-level your sales game in a big way and you know, something has to change. 
About Your Trainer, Joanie Dhillon...
Joanie Dhillon, aka the "Trainer to The 1%", is a former Sales Professional and Top 1%'er with the largest Vacation Ownership Company in the world, Travel + Leisure Co. formerly, Wyndham Vacation Ownership. 

She began her career at the height of the 2008 Recession and rose to be the #1 Sales Rep her 1st year selling. Joanie has served on Wyndham's President's Council (#1 sales rep) and Wyndham's President's Club year after year amongst having won countless top-performer awards.

In 2015, Joanie decided to leave the world of Timeshare sales to travel the world and build what is now the #1 Timeshare Sales Training company online, The 1% Life aka Timeshare Sales Mastery.

 Since leaving her former position as a top Timeshare Sales Rep, she quickly became the Category Queen of one of the most cut-throat industries in the world, Vacation Ownership sales, coaching and leading thousands of sales reps literally from the verge of termination to the Top 1%. 

She also founded the only Mastermind community for Timeshare's Top 1% females to further master their influence in sales, learn NLP, and get support from other high-achieving women called, "The 1%". 

The members of the 1% Mastermind, representing former 1%'er colleagues and friends turned committed and loyal students, learn how to achieve more using the coveted 1% Ultra Performance System and the Unconscious Mind Re-programming techniques she teaches.  

Isn't it Time You Break Out of Your Slump and Get Back Into Deal-Selling Flow?!

Rockstar, If All This Masterclass Got You Was 1-2 Deals this Week, Would It Be Worth It?

Click The Button Below and Grab Your Spot While Spots Remain...

You Are Just 5 Simple Shifts Away...
[These "5 Shifts" Are The Missing Piece to You Breaking Through!]
How do I know? 

For starters, I've been where you are...

It was 2009 and I was just a few months into my Timeshare selling career. Everything started off so good and I was selling deals left and right. 

But then out of nowhere, I hit a brick wall... 
I felt frustrated and alone and desperate for answers.

"What am I doing wrong??"
"How do I get through this? "
"I need to sell deals and I can't for the life of me figure out how!"
"Can someone please help me?!"

I didn't know what I didn't know and I was willing to try and do anything... 

Every day, I came to work optimistic that "today was my day" and every day I left feeling defeated, frustrated and like a complete failure.

Maybe you can relate...?

I went from being called "Rockstar" by my new boss who hired me thinking I was an anomaly, to barely being acknowledged at all...

I felt my managers had all given up on me and it really hurt. 

I knew I could do it if I could just figure out what was in the way...

Then, after nearly 5 weeks of not selling anything...

BAM! I landed a deal...I DID IT! 

And in that moment, of celebrating my breakthrough, everything just clicked...

I figured out how to not only break out of my sales slump, but how to NEVER ever return...

I quickly rose to the #1 spot at my sales office and that year, I ranked in the Top 1% of an entire industry, easily and effortlessly, earning $20K in a BAD month and multiple 6 Figures a Year. 

I won sales contests regularly and was wined and dined in luxury vacation destinations all around the world.

I had cracked the code to being the 1%!

The Good News...?!

You can do it too! It's not complicated, you just need to learn what no one is telling you because they haven't yet cracked the code and it's easier for them to place bets against you... 

It's the sad truth...

And that is why I have made it my mission to transform this industry and prove that ANYONE can be successful, despite what they say. 

❌ It is NOT a numbers game. 
❌ It is NOT about who gets handed the best tours. (that does NOT matter!)
❌ It is NOT about the 10, 12, or 20 step sales process. 

I promise you...

And here's the thing...It's never too late until it is...

If you want and you're ready, I will show you the way just like I've shown so many struggling sales professionals before you... 
Join me in this upcoming Masterclass...

Lean in, Rockstar and I will guide you...

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Aja R. - Won "Rookie of the Year" for 
San Diego - Worldmark by Wyndham 2020

Lauren M. - Grand Desert 
Wyndham Vacation Ownership 
Top 1%'er

Joelly C. - Became the #1 Sales Rep and Sold $1.6 Million Her First Year!

Camila C. - Telesales 
Owner Upgrades

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